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All 5 Courses required for this certificate will be delivered as live-online courses.


Business Process Management is reshaping the ways successful organizations are developing competitive strategies and achieving operational excellence. Gain the skills you need to succeed in this new management era by earning a 100% live-online Business Process Management Certificate from UNC Charlotte.

This comprehensive set of courses teaches you skills that can be applied in manufacturing, service, health care, and public sector organizations.


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Business Process Management Certificate Bundle Fee : $4,994.00
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365 Days After Registration

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Learn how our Business Process Management Certificate program can help you gain the skills you need to develop competitive strategies and achieve operational excellence for successful organizations in this new management era.

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"I love that the Business Process Management classes are smaller for a more personal experience but big enough to have collaboration and real world conversations. I also enjoyed that you have the same two or three professors throughout the certificate program, allowing you to gain a connection with them. I was able to bring a lot of the tools we used in the course back to my company and apply them to our current processes or implement them to improve those that could be."

Anna Suggs

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