Trauma-Invested Teaching Practices and Policies Certificate Program

Course Overview

Cato College of Education (COE) has partnered with UNC Charlotte Continuing Education to offer this certificate in Trauma-Invested Teaching Practices and Policies to help increase awareness and competence in trauma-responsive instruction, policy, and school culture.

The effects of trauma on children and adults affect their holistic functioning (National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), 2017) and children/adults do not always have the necessary coping skills to manage the impact of stressful and traumatic events independently. Impacts include increased behavioral problems, lack of focus, difficulty in social situations, and poor academic performance. School personnel and teachers play a central role in children’s lives and are uniquely positioned to identify and respond to student’s trauma symptomology and needs.

The goal of this certificate program is to increase teachers’ knowledge about trauma and the impact of trauma on children in the classroom; foster school personnel's understanding of their diverse student body; how to intervene and support a struggling student when needed; and create policies and procedures that create an underlying culture of respect and support. This course can help school personnel become more responsive instead of reactive to student behaviors and develop strategies, skills, and policies to build more resilient and healthy children, as well as stable and supportive environments for all their students (Jennings & Greenberg, 2009; National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2015).

This online, asynchronous, self-paced course creates a foundation for trauma invested teaching pedagogy, practice, and policy creation. The primary focus is the impact of trauma, the importance of investing in trauma-sensitive teaching strategies, classroom management practices that help students overcome trauma-related challenges, hands-on tools to use in today’s classrooms,  as well as educational practices and policies that build trauma-sensitive classrooms and school culture.

The course was designed to align with DPI General and Literacy Standard. Participants will receive a 30-minute consultation session. The consultation session is participant-directed. Faculty will process, discuss, or problem solve based on participant needs.

*Participants can enroll on a rolling basis between December 1, 2021 and May 13, 2022. Participants will complete the self-paced modules (approximately 15 instructional hours) over the duration of course access. Course access will begin 1-2 hours after enrollment and end on June 30, 2022.

Course Outline

Three main topics will be covered:

  • Foundations of Trauma-Invested Teaching
  • Trauma-Invested Classroom Management
  • Trauma-Invested School Culture, Practices, and Policies

In the Foundations of Trauma-Invested Teaching, an introductory/foundational course, participants will learn the impact of trauma on students across the lifespan as well as the creation of trauma-invested schools.

For the second course, Trauma-Invested Classroom Management and Student Supports, participants will learn the key factors to create classroom practices that help students overcome trauma-related challenges.

For the final course, Creating Trauma-Invested School Culture, Practices, and Policies, participants will expand their knowledge of trauma by creating educational practices and policies that build trauma-invested classrooms and school culture.

Additional Information

The certificate program is geared towards professional teachers, school administrators, school counselors, school social workers, support personnel, and principals.

Course Objectives:

  1. Participants will increase their knowledge about trauma and how trauma impacts students’ academic and developmental success
  2. Participants will learn classroom management interventions to support struggling students
  3. Participants will explore current policies and procedures and identify the policies and procedures supports /hinders students who have experienced trauma, as well as discuss ways to advocate for more trauma invested practices.

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