Course Overview

Become a crime scene investigator (parents: it's NOT a real crime!) A crime scene analyst collects and processes evidence like prints, footwear and tire impressions, firearms evidence, blood and controlled substances, hair, fibers, and gunshot residue.

You will learn to analyze a crime scene, assemble the evidence for trial, and present your case to a jury as lawyers and expert witnesses. Issues involving the nature of evidence will be explored, as well as following the chain of evidence, drawing inferences from physical data, and trial techniques.

Please note: this camp does cover and discuss crime scene investigation science including blood splatter and other evidence of violent crime. Restricted to Grades 5-8 only and parents are asked to please keep the interest and comfort level of your camper in mind when selecting this camp.

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Please Note: Niner Academy and many 49er Minor camps are considered college-preparatory and/or career readiness camp programs for teens. Often through guest speakers, during field trips, and through class and peer-driven discussion, we may discuss societal and social issues. Campers' opinions and perspectives may differ from those of their peers and/or guest speakers; we encourage open discussion during camp. We seek to establish a camp environment where all voices are heard and opinions are respected.
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