General Program Information

Reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be made available upon request for persons with disabilities. Accommodation requests must be specifically relayed at least two weeks prior to the start of the program. 

You must notify both the Office of Continuing Education and the UNC Charlotte Office of Disability Services with accommodation requests and notify them of your status as a Continuing Education student. 

Continuing Education Contact: The Registration Center
Phone: 704-687-8900

Disability Services Contact: Kristin Kolin
Phone: 704-687-0039

When calling the Office of Disability Services, please indicate the continuing education course you are taking.

For evacuation information, please visit the Disabilities Services website.

Continuing education programs do not award academic credit (toward degree programs, ie: a masters degree). However, many of our continuing education programs award other kinds of credit tied to the requirements of various professions. For example, many of our programs offer CPEs, which are used by accountants to meet their annual continuing education requirements; other programs offer PDHs for engineers, CLEs for attorneys, PDUs for project managers, etc.

Almost all of our programs are approved to offer CEUs, or Continuing Education Units, which are a standard measure of instructional time and quality that is accepted in many contexts as satisfactory documentation of educational achievement. The Office of Continuing Education maintains records of the awarding of CEUs and other professional credits and can furnish a transcript to individuals who need to verify their completion of these programs.

How will I know if a program or class is cancelled because of snow or similar weather conditions?

If UNC Charlotte is closed, then the class will not be held. You may confirm whether the University is closed by telephoning the University Weather Hotline at 704-687-1900. This information will also be available through local radio and television stations.

Continuing Education will post a link on our homepage on days when weather conditions might make it unclear whether a class will be held as scheduled. In general, if the University is open, then the class will be held. Our Weather Information link will take you to any specific information on your program that is available. In addition, you can always call our main office number (704-687-8900) and inquire about the status of your class.

Please note: As a program participant, you should use your own best judgement as far as whether it is advisable to drive in snow or similar weather conditions that might be affecting the Charlotte area and/or the area from which you will be driving. We will work with you if we do not cancel a class but weather-related driving conditions prevent you from attending.

All UNC Charlotte Continuing Education policies can be found here:

The Continuing Education Department offers many types of professional credits. Please see the individual course webpage prior to registration to see what specific professional credits are available for each scheduled section available for enrollment. Please note that credits are displayed only on specific section offerings after approval has been granted by the particular governing board. Credits are approved on a section by section basis, so please read carefully to be sure the section date you wish to enroll in displays the type of professional credit you are seeking.

Classroom Lockdown Kits: The Department of Safety and Security has equipped all classrooms with barricade assistance solutions in case of a lockdown. These lockdown kits are located next to the teaching podiums in the classrooms. Please review this video for instructions on how to use the lockdown kits. A demonstration is available at the 6:34 mark.

UNCCharlotteAlerts and LiveSafe App: We encourage instructors and Continuing Education students to sign up for UNCCharlotteAlerts and install the LiveSafe App. UNCCharlotteAlerts inform visitors about urgent situations and changes in operating conditions. To sign up, text the keyword UNCCharlotteAlerts to 67283 from your mobile device. Message and data rates may apply.

The LiveSafe app can also function as an emergency alert tool by pushing information directly to users' phones. After installing the app, create a free account and select UNC Charlotte as your institution of choice.

Main Campus: Walk in groups of three or more in well-lighted and well-traveled areas. Avoid using headphones or cell phones, which are popular robbery items. Avoid leaving valuables in your car. If alone, you may call UNC Charlotte Police Department's free safety escort service at 704-687-2200. On campus after dark, use one of nearly 300 "blue light" emergency phones to request an escort or report suspicious activities. Immediately report suspicious persons to the police as well as to on-duty security officers.

The Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City: It is recommended that you park in a well-lighted area and exit the building in groups. Avoid leaving valuables in your car. Immediately report suspicious persons to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department by dialing 911 as well as to the UNC Charlotte staff member on site.

At least one Security Officer is on site at the Center City Campus 24 hours a day. Security Officers are available to accompany students/staff/visitors to their vehicles, if requested. Keep in mind that Security Officers are required to make building rounds and are not stationed at the front desk at all times.

Other Security Measures at The Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City: All faculty, staff and students must wear their 49er ID cards at all times when inside The Dubois Center. This includes those working and attending classes at The Dubois Center as well as all employee and student visitors to the building. Lanyards will be provided at the lobby desk.

All visitors must check in at the lobby desk upon arrival and present a government-issued ID. They will be issued a visitor badge that must be worn throughout their stay in the building.

Individuals who forget their IDs can check in at the lobby desk to be issued a visitor badge. A government-issued ID is required to obtain a visitor badge.


Payment and Financing Options

There are a variety of discounts available for UNC Charlotte Continuing Education Courses and Certificates. To view what discounts are available for a specific program look under 'Potential Price Adjustments' in the section you are interested in attending.

There are many banks and other financial institutions that offer continuing education loans to individuals. UNC Charlotte School of Professional Studies is happy to complete the appropriate paperwork that might be involved in a participant's pursuit of a loan from a lender he or she has identified. Typically, such paperwork will require UNC Charlotte to provide details about the program and to certify that a particular participant is eligible to enroll. In order for us to certify your eligibility, you will need to register for the program and submit the required payment with your registration.

UNC Charlotte is prepared to receive disbursement(s) directly from a lender for the full registration fee, if that is the arrangement a lender makes with a participant; when this occurs, UNC Charlotte will refund to the participant any payments the participant made directly to UNC Charlotte.

For your convenience, we offer this handy ELM Select alternative loan tool that walks you through private educational loan options for continuing education programs.

Reminder: When applying for a loan, please ensure you are choosing the correct school name. Not doing so will create delays in processing.

  1. For Sallie Mae, our office is listed as "UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA - CHARLOTTE- CONTINUING ED (CENTER CITY CAMPUS- UPTOWN), CHARLOTTE, NC, 00297598." (click here to access the Sallie Mae site directly)
  2. For PNC Bank, our office is listed as "University of North Carolina - Charlotte School of Professional Studies."
  3. For College Ave, our office is listed as 'University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Continuing Education'.  Use the school code 00297598.

Some of our courses offer a deposit option where you can pay an initial deposit and pay the remaining balance two weeks prior to the course start date (please see the individual program pages for details).

You can also check out these alternative options to funding your Continuing Education courses:

Non-Loan Programs

Under the payment plan, a participant must pay the initial deposit at the time of registration in order to reserve a seat in the course. Payment reminders will be emailed to those using the payment plan before the remaining balance payment is due. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the course start date.

If registering online, after you add a payment plan eligible course (course priced $500 or more) to your shopping cart, you will be given the option during checkout to choose to "Pay Full Amount" or to "Pay Deposit". The deposit amount listed during Checkout is based on the following chart:

Deposit Tier Structure

Price of Course Deposit Payment 2
$500 - $999 $200 Remaining Balance
$1000 - $1999 $500 Remaining Balance
$2000 - $2999 $1,000 Remaining Balance
$3000 - $5100 $1,500 Remaining Balance
Deposit payment due immediately upon registration
Remaining balance (Payment 2) due 14 days prior to the section start date.

If you would like to pay via the payment plan but prefer not to register online, please contact our Registration Center at 704-687-8900 and a staff member will work with you to set up your payment plan.

We will cancel the registration of individuals who fail to meet the payment deadlines under the payment plan. Those people will forfeit their seats in the program. UNC Charlotte will refund any money we have received to that point.

How do I pay the remaining balance on my payment plan?

Once you have established an account with us you will have access to your Student Portal. Once logged in, follow these instructions to view and pay your invoices. You may pay your remaining balance via credit card online or if you prefer to pay over the phone, simply call our Registration Center Monday-Friday during business hours at 704-687-8900. One of our Registration Coordinators will be glad to assist you with completing your payment.

To pay by check, you may mail your payment to: UNC Charlotte Extended Academic Programs, Attn: Registration Center, 320 E. 9th Street, 4th floor, Suite 421, Charlotte, NC 28202. If mailing your payment, please plan to mail your payment with ample time in advance of your invoice due date to ensure that we receive your payment on time and continue to reserve your seat in the course. We will cancel the registration of individuals who fail to meet the payment deadlines under the payment plan. UNC Charlotte will refund any money we have received to that point.

An individual may be able to claim a tax deduction or a tax credit for the cost of attending this continuing education program.  However, we do not issue 1098-Ts. Non-academic credit programs such as continuing education courses do not require a 1098-T per IRS guidelines. Please keep a copy of your receipt and consult with your tax advisor about whether your payment meets the regulations that apply to tax deductions and tax credits. The University's Federal Tax ID Number is 56-0791228. 


What is Bundle Pricing?

Bundle Pricing allows you to enroll in a Certificate by paying for all of the courses in the Certificate up front at a discounted rate.  Once you have purchased a Bundle, you are able to enroll in one section of each of the Certificate's required courses (at zero additional cost) for 365 days.

Are Bundle Discounts Available for All Certificates?

No, not all Certificates have Bundle Pricing. The following Certificates are available for Bundle Pricing:

How to Enroll/Purchase

  1. From the Certificate page, add the Bundle to your cart using the Add to Cart button in the Bundle area.
  2. (Optional) Choose which section of each required course you would like to attend and click the Continue button.
    • Note: You may select "Make selection at a later time" if you do not know which sections you would like to attend at this time.
    • Once you have chosen a section to attend and completed the checkout process, you cannot change your selection.
    • If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact our Registration Center 704-687-8900 or
  3. Click the Continue to Checkout button and pay for your purchase.  You will be emailed a receipt and any additional information specific to any course(s) you selected.

How to View Your Progress and Enroll in Your Remaining Courses

  • Login to your student account at
  • Select My Certificates in the Student Portal menu.
  • Click the View Details button beside the Certificate.
  • The status of your Certificate will be displayed.
  • At the top of this screen, click the Show Next Available Course Sections button to view and enroll in any courses in the Certificate that you have not completed.
  • Select the section(s) you would like to attend and click the Continue button.
  • To finalize your selection, click the Continue to Checkout button. You will not be registered for the course until you finish the checkout process.  You will be emailed a receipt and any additional information specific to any course(s) you selected.

Bundle Refund Policy

You may request a Bundle Refund up to 30 days after purchase as long as you have not started a course in the Bundle within that timeframe.  After 30 days, there are no Drops or Refunds, however if you have a schedule conflict, we can discuss Transfer options (subject to applicable Transfer Fees) with you.

If you request a Bundle Refund within 30 days of purchase, you are responsible for all applicable Drop Fees for all courses which you have enrolled in using Bundle Pricing. All courses in the Bundle must be started within 365 days of Bundle purchase.

  •  Register online by clicking on the Add to Cart button on the course page for the specific section date in which you wish to enroll.

  •  Register for Continuing Education courses by calling our Registration Center Monday - Friday at 704-687-8900. Looking to register for academic credit courses? Contact Niner Central at 704-687-8622.

  •  Register in person Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm at the School of Professional Studies, The Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City, 320 E. 9th Street, 4th Floor, Suite 421, Charlotte, NC 28202 - Get Directions.

  •  If you require a paper registration form, please email or call our Registration Center at 704-687-8900 to request one.

Do I need to be a UNC Charlotte student in order to register for a continuing education program?

No, We do offer programs for enrolled university students, but many of our Continuing Education students are professionals seeking to update their skills, prepare for a career change or promotion, or enhance their knowledge for personal enrichment.

Student Resources

How do I track my progress towards completing a certificate?

Once you have established an account with us, you will have access to your Student Portal. Once logged in, you will see a link called My Certificates. If you click the link, you can see any certificates you are currently working on and your progress toward completion. If you are planning to earn a certificate and don't see your certificate listed, please follow the provided link to view all available certificates we offer. If you decide you wish to work towards a certificate, just click on the Special Requests link and you can select the certificate you wish to pursue.

Why do I only see courses 2009 and after in My Enrollment History?

With the move to a new registration system in August 2009, courses you have taken previously are securely stored in our previous registration system. Our registration coordinators can access your prior records and assist you with transcript requests or any questions you may have. Please contact 704-687-8900 for assistance.

How do I Access Online Course Resouces?

UNC Charlotte Continuing Education provides course materials electronically. This enables you to have portable access to view and store your materials on multiple devices of your choosing, including laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, or tablets for reference from your home, office, or while travelling.


Continuing Education students will receive their login credentials two weeks before the start of their course. You will need to use the blue 'Continuing Ed Students' button to login. From there, students can choose the course they enrolled in and access all course lectures, group discussions, syllabi, quizzes, and other materials our instructors have prepared. Some classroom- based courses utilize Canvas for posting course materials. 

How do I login to Canvas? To login to you will need to use the blue 'Continuing Ed Students' button.

What if I forgot my Canvas password? If you forgot your password OR did not receive the account registration email. Open your browser and go to Click the Forgot Password link.

View the Continuing Education Student Canvas FAQ

Technical Requirements

  • General knowledge of Internet navigation (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari), pop-up blockers, plug-ins, spyware, and security settings.
  • Ability to send and receive e-mails with attachments.
  • Basic familiarity with virtual classroom/online learning software

What is the Student Login?

The Student Login is a portal through which you can update your student profile, access your enrollment history, enroll, submit a request to drop or transfer a course. You may also view your account history, announcements, and upcoming events. In order to use the Student Portal, you will need to obtain a username and password.

New Students

If you are enrolling for the first time, your login information will be created during the registration process. You must provide an e-mail address..

Current Students

Current students can log in using the "Student Login" link. Enter your username and password, then select the course in which you wish to enroll. From the course description, click the "Add to Cart" button below.

Transcripts are $5.00 and may be obtained:

  • Online
    Login to your Student Portal.
    Click on My Enrollment History in the navigation menu to verify that the courses you have completed will display on your transcript. To order a transcript, click on Special Requests in the navigation menu and follow the instructions to place your order online.
  • By mail, secure fax or in person. Please download and complete the Transcript Request Form (PDF). If you have any questions, please contact the Registration Center at 704-687-8900 and a Registration Coordinator can assist you with your request.

Upon completion of the requirements for a course, you will receive an electronic copy of your official Record of Attendance via email from our Registration Center. Students who have completed all of the requirements for a certificate program will have access within their Student Portal to download or print their certificate within a few days upon successful completion of the final course required to earn the certificate.

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