Course Overview

Learn the theory and tools used by modern designers for creating dynamic user experiences, and receive a Certificate of Completion in UX/UI from UNC Charlotte School of Professional Studies upon successful completion of the program.

24 weeks, part time
9 hours per week

Why Should I Choose This Program?

More and more employers seek creative minds capable of transforming businesses through imaginative interfaces and captivating user experiences. With UNC Charlotte's UX/UI Boot Camp, you’ll acquire both the theory and tools employed by modern designers, and learn to utilize user-centric design and a variety of creative tools to craft dynamic experiences. Gain hands-on practice and become an expert at fundamental skills for UX research and UI design. Enhance your portfolio and showcase how you’d apply these skills on intricate projects.

Career Options

Completing the user experience boot camp at UNC Charlotte opens doors to various exciting job opportunities that span various industries in the field of user experience and interface design.

UX/UI Designer:
Create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces by combining design principles with user-centric approaches.

Interaction Designer:
Focus on enhancing user interactions and experiences through thoughtful design strategies and usability testing.

User Researcher:
Conduct in-depth research to understand user needs and preferences, informing the design process for improved user satisfaction.

Information Architect:
Organize and structure information to optimize user navigation and ensure a seamless user experience.

Product Designer:
Work on end-to-end product development, integrating user feedback and design thinking into the creation process.

UI Developer:
Translate design concepts into functional and visually appealing user interfaces, using coding languages and frameworks.

Usability Analyst:
Evaluate the usability of digital products through testing and analysis, providing insights for refinement.

UX/UI Consultant:
Offer expertise to businesses that seek guidance on optimizing their digital interfaces for better user engagement.

Digital Strategist:
Develop strategies to align user experience with overall business goals and contribute to the success of digital initiatives.

Content Strategist:
Collaborate with design teams to ensure cohesive and effective communication through digital content.

Who Would Benefit from This Program?

The UNC Charlotte UX/UI Boot Camp caters to a diverse audience, including experienced professionals and those starting their careers.

If you're a seasoned design professional — such as a graphic or visual designer who wants to expand their skill set amidst their organization's digital evolution — or a technical professional eager to transition into the realm of UX/UI, this program is tailored for you. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to bridge the gap between your current expertise and the demands of the UX/UI field.

If, on the other hand, you're a tech enthusiast aspiring to enter the design world and wish to acquire the skills and experience you need, the UNC Charlotte UX/UI Boot Camp can provide you with a comprehensive foundation and a portfolio to showcase to potential employers.

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