Change is inevitable. As a leader in your organization, you play a key role in managing change, not only when it is a planned initiative but when it emerges unexpectedly.

The Leading Change Certificate program invites you to enhance your strengths, holistically, in 3 key areas:

  • Understanding Yourself: Understanding your own leadership style, how you are perceived as a leader, and how best to optimize yourself as a leader
  • Understanding Those Around You: Working collaboratively with your diverse team and approaching your leadership role in a way that encourages increased buy-in and successful performance from those with whom you work
  • Leading with Confidence and Clarity through Change: Leading change requires skills in problem-solving, process mapping, and organizational prowess

Take the courses in any order you wish and begin at any time. Complete 8 courses to earn the certificate or take any course/s independently.

Required Courses to Complete Certificate (Take all 6 full-day courses):

Elective Courses to Complete Certificate (Choose TWO half-day courses)

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Why Should I Choose this Program?

Flexibility is key in a changing environment. Our Leading Change Certificate team recognizes that you are juggling multiple responsibilities in both your professional and personal life. Our certificate format allows you to start at any time, work at your own pace, and often choose the learning environment that best suits you.

Who Should Attend?

  • Early-career and mid-level managers and leaders
  • Project managers engaged in change initiatives
  • Human resource professionals engaged in change initiatives


There are no prerequisites.

Attendance Requirements

To receive your record of attendance, full participation is expected. Participants must be present at the beginning of each course and be in attendance through the duration of each course in order to receive the record of attendance. Credit hours will only be adjusted under extenuating circumstances.

To earn a Leading Change Certificate you must complete all 8 courses. Take the courses in any order you wish.

It is highly encouraged that participants complete all courses within 16 months.

Save with Bundle Pricing


By paying for all of the courses in the Certificate up front you can enroll at a discounted rate.

A savings of $303

Certificate Price
Leading Change Certificate Bundle Fee : $1,819.00
Deadline to Start Last Course
365 Days After Registration


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