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This program is a unique opportunity for educators who desire to be effective for 21st-century learners. The certification program will instruct educators in culturally relevant and best teaching practices. The primary goal of the certificate is to engage classroom teachers to increasing practical and theoretical capacities to engage all learners.

  • Educators will be able to market themselves as a certified culturally sustainable teacher
  • Educators learn the best practices to  make education culturally relevant to 21st-century learners
  • Educators will be introduced to a variety of more inclusive literature that supports achievement
  • Educators will know the best practices for better classroom management for diverse settings
  • Educators will be able to provide cross-cultural communication for academic success
  • Educators  will know the theory behind cultural relevance
  • Educators will know how to practically apply culturally sustaining teaching practices

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Certificate FAQs

CST Certificate is a 24-hour program that is offered on a rolling basis
Available on demand for enrollments of 25 or more
Sessions are online and are self-paced


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Partnership Information

The Urban Education Collaborative and the Department of Middle, Secondary and K-12 Education have partnered to offer this program, which is one of the first of its kind in the country. The sessions are designed and delivered by educational faculty.

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