Course Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) development is one of the most in-demand jobs in the technology field.  AI is increasingly shaping our future as it in finding applications in our work and personal life. But all AI has a common element - it requires human intelligence.

Our AI boot camp gives you the skills needed to understand, build and shape the future of AI around the world. Regardless of your experience with AI, this boot camp serves as an introduction and will take you to a place where you will lead AI conversations and development. 

No previous programming skills are required to apply, however, it is recommended that applicants hold a bachelor’s degree and/or two years of work experience in business, finance, statistics, management, or a related field.

As you prepare to start, switch, or upgrade your career, we will support your learning journey with unparalleled services and resources.

  • Get: 24/7 on-demand learning assistance via text or video chat.
  • Work: one-on-one with a tutor if you get stuck on any problems or assignments.
  • Connect: with a powerful network of engaged instructors, TAs, peers, and alumni.
  • Meet: one-on-one with a career coach and tap into our network of 250+ employers.
  • Build: a portfolio as proof of your new skills in AI.

Course Outline

Classes are delivered through high-quality coursework and live, online classes led by instructors who are fully vetted by UNC Charlotte. That means you can ask questions in real-time, engage in discussion with fellow classmates, and feel supported as you learn something entirely new. 

All instructors are assessed for not only their experience in the field, but also their ability to successfully communicate complex AI concepts in an online environment. After class, instructors hold office hours where you can check in, ask questions, and problem solve on assignments.

Course topics include:

  • Programming and data preparation for AI
  • Machine learning fundamentals and AI ethics
  • Natural language processing and AI applications 
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